Patience is a virtue - but it is also the key!! If you know what you want to capture then be patient. I waited 40mins for this train to appear on the GLENFINNAN VIADUCT in SCOTLAND. But it was worth every minute.

Of all the countries I have been lucky enough to travel to, Scotland has to be the biggest pleasant surprises. It’s so close to home and yet I hadn’t been since I was 2 years old, and I had NO IDEA of how much it had to offer. As we left Glasgow and headed up towards Glencoe and then onto Skye, every corner offered another jaw dropping view. The Harry Potter train at Glenfinnan was just one of our many many highlights as we motorhomed through this magical land.


Sometimes you get those views which are too good to let pass by without a snap or two and you want to be in them, but you don't feel like you look your best. So instead of getting your face in the photo, your back can be the artistic alternative!! This photo was taken in PENANG, MALAYSIA - I was hot and sweaty so set up my camera timer and turned away. You don't always have to be grinning at the camera to make a photo beautiful.

Asia is full of beautiful temples and this is one of the goodun’s in my opinion. Kek Lok Si is the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas and sits on a hill surrounded by green, keeping watch of beautiful Penang city below.


Colour colour colour. Find colours that compliment and contrast and play around with how that works in the composition of your images.

::ST JOHNS, ANTIGUA:: This little bit of heaven, is @sheerrocks in Antigua. It is so beautiful. The views are amazing, the food is amazing and the people made us feel so welcome! Definitely a perfect little spoil if your spending some time in the Caribbean!


Capturing the contrast of the old and the new. In this photo I purposefully chose to juxtapose the 2 different eras of buildings, to highlight Shanghai's diversity and the feelings this city conjures within me.

I took this photo in 2017 on one of many visits here. I love how it captures the past and the present, the old and the new. And I love the contrast of the colours. I've always loved experiencing this city and its' stunning contrasts, its craziness, beauty, colour, history and it's magnificent buzz. :: Random Top Tip - There is a chain of restaurants called Grandma's Kitchen, order the Icecream loaf of bread desert thing. It's sensational!


Don't be afraid to ask someone to take your photo if you want to be in the memory your capturing. Be brave - just ask - it's always worth it!!

Busan, South Korea:: 🇰🇷 I absolutely loved Busan. It was a fantastic city with some really great urban hiking. This photo is taken on the hike which leads from Beomeosa Temple to a huge walled fortress about 20mins by car outside of the city! The 360 views are spectacular. We did this trek in -3 degrees c and it was freezing but so worth it.


Get off the beaten track. Find those pretty little alleyways, parks or cafes where the locals hang out and capture 'real life'. This is where the magic happens for me. Everyone can take a photo of a touristy landmark, not everyone can find those little hidden gems which capture the atmosphere of a place.

Taken in Chefchouen, Morocco. I spent 4 hours on a buzz to find this blue hidden city in the mountains and it was worth every minute. Full of magic.


The hour before sunset is called Golden Hour and it is my favourite time of day to shoot. It's worth thinking about when will be the best time of day to capture images. Sunset over Sydney Opera House was pretty special!!

The Opera House is such an iconic building and it was always a dream of mine to see it and one day maybe perform in it hehe. The Opera House tour is so interesting and the history and controversy behind the building of it would make an amazing movie. Repeatedly sailing past it for the 5 months I was based in Oz, was just beautiful.

The Taj Mahal - Depending on the time of day you visit, the colour of the marble changes because of the reflection of the light. Visiting the Taj was a dream come true. It lived up and surpassed all my expectations and truly is the Jewel in India's Crown.


If it's iconic capture it. Then play around with it. I've added a filter onto this photo to highlight the mood of the cityscape. My favourite editing apps are:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Teza
  • Instagram
  • HUJI
  • Facetune

Top Tip - trying to decide on Empire State Building Rooftop or Top of The Rock?! Top of The Rock @ Rockefeller wins every time for me. Both are amazing but The Rock is better 😉


Do your research for the Photography Location Gems!! I found both these locations in Hong Kong with a wholeeeee load of research. Not many people know where either of them are or how to get to them - but I delved deep and worked it out. They are both on random residential estates in this sprawling city. But I wanted that shot, I loved the colours and new this location had so much potential - so I got researching until I worked out where to go. Even when I got nearby to the basketball court I had to go looking and ask local people - but so glad I found both of them!!

I love colour. I’m drawn to it like a child or a bumblebee 🐝 so of course I loveeeeed this place. Colourful high rise flats box in brightly coloured basketball courts. A dreamy location for a photo shoot. I was on my own so I just asked someone to snap this for me as a memory. 🤸‍♀️ I love HK and hope to head back there one day soon 💕 P.S - this place is NOT easy to find!.


Remember to get shots of the people you are with. It's great to capture places but it's nice to have the memories of the people that made those experiences so special. Your loved ones, family friends, children, grandparents - they all need to be captured.

Milford Sound, New Zealand - Always remember, it's not just about where you are, it's who you're with. ❤️