* Visual Brand Strategy Session followed by a detailed shoot plan including themes & styling advice

* Professional Hair & Makeup so you look your very best (optional)

* Guidance and posing during the shoot so you feel your best.


* 3 Package Options - 12 final images, 80 final images, 110 final images.

* Fully edited images - all retouched and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

* Full Colour and Black and Whites of each image. We can also custom crop your images for most digital purposes, such as; instagram squares, facebook banners, facebook ads & general website images.

* A ratio that suits you of headshots, lifestyle and stock detail images. All tailored to be perfectly 'on brand'.


I NEED TO LOOSE SOME WEIGHT. (I will guide you through poses that make curves a blessing, not a curse.)

I DON'T KNOW IF MY BUSINESS IS BIG ENOUGH FOR A SHOOT LIKE THIS (This shoot will help give you the confidence in your business that it deserves to have.  Besides...Rome wasn't built in a day my friend...)

OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE CHEAPER- (True.  However, I'm a big believer in 'You Get What You Pay For'. There are loads of great photographers out there, so please make sure you do your research and find a photographer you love. A Personal Branding shoot is an INVESTMENT of your time, energy and money- choose the best fit for you.)


 CAN I AFFORD IT? (In the Pricing Packages listed below you will see the options for payment plan, if the up front cost doesn't work for you right now.)