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"Kate just totally ‘got me’ and I am thrilled with the images! She put me at ease and we had a lot of fun too. When my friends saw the images they said ‘Oh it’s you - she’s really got your personality and the passion for what you do!’ Would use Kate every time now - such a great eye, creative and a total professional too."

Abbey Booth

Stories With Clothes

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"Everyone needs a Kate in their life."

Danielle Wallington


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{Kate} "made me feel super relaxed and comfortable the whole time. The photos are beautiful - thank you."

Mecia Thomas 

Move with Mecia

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"Thank you Kate for such a fun day on my Personal Branding photo shoot.

I am delighted with the photos ,they are exactly what I needed for my business.

You did such a fantastic job on the day guiding and directing me ,along with your very professional approach in the lead up to the shoot."

Katherine Travers

Personal Life & Career Coach

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"I am somebody who is not usually not comfortable in front of the camera. Kate’s friendly and warm personality has immediately put me at ease and as a result we had a very productive session. She is a pleasure to work with!"

Saba Stone

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

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"I've been delighted with how many ways I have found to use my photos. I have used them for my Instagram, course information, PR, Facebook and I love them."


The Flower School St.Albans