My 5 Top Tips for your Branding Shoot

1. Stand in front of a mirror before your shoot and get comfortable with your body in different positions. This will enable you to see how great you look before the shoot, which will give you confidence on the day. Don't worry if you’re not sure – I’ll be there to help and can talk you through poses and movement.

2. Consider wearing your brand colours if you have them or stick to a theme – neutrals, pastels, bright colours, block or big bold patterns work best. Be careful not to mix themes as this can look messy.

Incorporating the colours of your brand into your shoot. Example image from @theflowerschoolstalbans shoot - Spring 2021

3. Always bring more outfits rather than less – it's good to have a choice.

4. Look at images on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration – it's a great way to show your photographer what sort of look you are after.

5. Remember to ask to use public locations – cool cafes, fancy restaurants, hotels… I can organise booking and shooting in these places if you tell me where you want to go – and it might give your images that extra va-va-voom.

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