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At KL CREATIVE Photography, we know that an image speaks a thousand words...

So what do you want your images to say about you?

We help our clients create instant connections with their clients through brilliant high quality visuals. We help you convey your offering to the digital world, at the highest standard.

We want to showcase you and your brand at it’s very best and we want you to feel and fulfil your full potential, through the help of our creative lens.

About Me


I founded KL CREATIVE Photography in the summer of 2020, right in the middle of the Covid pandemic and off the back of a job loss.

Flash forward to 2022 and we have now photographed over 250 women and 60 men across the UK and Europe!

What began as a passion and a love of empowering women through the magic of photography, has grown into a photographic initiative which supports businesses in building brand confidence, credibility and visibility through fantastic imagery.

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Oh YES!!!! That is SO normal!! In fact... I have had countless clients tell me 'I won't be any good at this' 'I always hate the way I look in photos' 'I'm really nervous'. We all feel it, but the good new is...It's actually not your job to be 'photogenic' or 'good in front of a camera'. It's my job to make you look great!! I am going to help you through your entire photo shoot and do everything in my power to instil in you the confidence you deserve. Remember... I've got you, YOU are my speciality.

“An image speaks a thousand words. What do you want your images to say about you and your brand?”


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“Kate just totally ‘got me’ and I am thrilled with the images! She put me at ease and we had a lot of fun too. When my friends saw the images they said ‘Oh it’s you - she’s really got your personality and the passion for what you do!’ Would use Kate every time now - such a great eye, creative and a total professional too”

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